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Do you want to make $5 per survey. paid surveys are the fastest way to earn cash online right now, i will show you how to make $5 on each survey you take and increase your income to $100 per day taking online surveys.

If you don’t know what is paid surveys please read over past article you will get all paid surveys information here

To Make $5 per survey click on signup button on the right site and get started making money for free

Once you signup you will receive free $50 bonus gift and start making $5 To $75 on each survey you complete

For those of you looking for “work-at-home with your computer” type jobs, here’s a head’s up on one open right now for new applicants.

Valued Opinions is accepting new applicants right now In new york united state. We wanted to give you a heads-up because as we have mentioned then before when they were open and survey companies can be great opportunities to earn a little extra money and we receive comments and emails from many on how you want us to let you know when they open and even some great testimonies from some of you that have earned and had good experiences with these. We’ve done several ourselves in the past!

This company rewards you with gift cards for your time. According to many testimonials, the gift card rewards from this company offer greater reward for less time than many related cash-survey companies – in fact, you can earn up to $5 per survey, which is a great return. Because they are offering the rewards as gift cards, you can earn the same amount faster then using a cash-survey company!

When you fill-out the registration, you will be able to select which gift card you would like to be rewarded with. Here’s a list of the retailers you can earn gift cards from:


We always chose Amazon, of course :), as this is just as good as cash.  Yes it won’t pay your electric bill, but if you snatched a $20 Amazon gift card a couple of  times per month, it can help with your grocery bill (Amazon has great food and household deals), diapers, Christmas, birthday’s or other special occasions, or other necessities which means that the money you save can go towards another bill or financial goal!

With Valued Opinions, you share your thoughts taking surveys about products/services and you will receive the value of each survey in your tracker and then once you reach $20, you can claim your gift card and then keep going! Each survey has a different reward value and different length of time for each. You can take as little or many surveys as you want, but you will “bank” your rewards dollars. It actually reminds us a lot like Swagbucks!

Here’s how to get started – we just went through the steps and it was just a couple of minutes:

Register through this link HERE
Pick your Gift Card Reward


Click on the “Send Me My Activation email” button


Check your email that your registered with to activate your account. Look for this purple button in the body of your email:


The above steps take less than 2 minutes to complete!

AND then, unlike a lot of survey companies, you will be able to complete your profile and receive a $1 reward for it! This is the part that gets your demographic information (i.e. age, family size, interests, etc.) so that you can be connected to the right surveys.


This profile survey took me just over 5 minutes to complete, but getting rewarded for it was nice, as most survey companies require this upon registration without any compensation.

There is something we would like to make clear:

You will not get rich, be able to quit your job, or retire on taking surveys at home. You will only make about $20-$40 per month with a few minutes each day. Now, $20-$40 can be an extra blessing for a lot of people and help cover a bill or two, but we did want to make this clear that this is not a job replacement! We also recommend using a different email than your main one as you will get an email a day with possible survey offers and so if you don’t want this in your main email, just set-up another one that you can check on your own time.

That’s it and you are ready to go!

*Please note, there is a chance that you won’t be accepted at this time if they are full for your demographic, but since it doesn’t take much more time than requesting a free sample, it is worth finding out if you can join now!


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