Humanatic Review: Make $50 To $75 Per Day With Humanatic

Do you want to get paid to review phone calls ? you can earn cash $50 to $75 sorting phone calls on humanatic.

In this tutorial you will learn humanatic tips tricks and inbound strategy to make free money using humanatic, If you dont know what is humanatic and you want to earn money part time full time from home then your reading right post

Let me explain you what is humanatic step by step and how you can earn money with humanatic free

What is humanatic ?

Humanatic is a website, developed by a company called Century Interactive that recruits independent contractors to listen, review, and sort phone calls. These are calls that need to be examined for quality assurance from various businesses.

What Exactly Do You Do?

As a contractor, you are called Humans and will need to listen to calls and place them in the right category. It is very important to listen carefully so the recorded call can be marked properly. This will help you get a high accuracy score and also higher paying tasks. Humanatic doesn’t require any special training or prior experience for the job. It is very simple work that requires patience and a good attention to detail.

How Much Can You Make?

The pay depends on which call category you choose. The lowest category can start as low as $0.06 per call task. Your accuracy will result to higher pay.It depends on which from categories listed you choose. Humanatic does require you to have a Paypal account to receive your earnings. Payments are made weekly, every Monday as long as you have accumulated $10 on your account.

How Humanatic Works ?

This call may be recorded for quality assurance”, we’ve all heard that line from time to time but who are the quality assurance people? If you choose to work for Humanatic YOU are. Watch my video or read below.

 Humanatic is unlike most other work at home schemes. It’s pretty basic in fact. You sign up and start taking calls. It’s really that simple. The calls are usually pretty mundane. Most are car dealerships, doctors and dentists offices and apartment rental companies. You will basically review employee performance. Was an appointment set, was it a call for sales or service, who handled the call, what was discussed and so on and so forth.

So, if it’s that easy then why doesn’t everyone do it? Good question. The simple answer is the low amount of pay you get for reviewing these calls. The pay is in cents, not dollars. When you first start the pay is less than one cent per call. Humanatic’s own website states that the highest paid people make $4.50 USD an hour. Trust me, most are making less than $1 an hour.

So, what did I make at Humanatic? $8 and some cents total for a few days reviewing. I probably had 10 to 12 hours into it. That’s not much money. You need $10 to cash out but Humanatic allowed me to cash out after the first $5, after that it’s a minimum of $10. They did pay through PayPal just like they said.

The basic idea is this: You review a call and choose one option. Where did this call fit into the choices you are givin

Calls are audited, both by a computer system and other Humanatic workers, that means they are checking your accuracy to insure you get it right. The audit system isn’t the greatest and the penalty for getting a call wrong is 2 times the payout you received for the call. In other words, if you got 1 cent for the call you will be penalized 2 cents if it’s marked wrong. I didn’t like that system at all. There is a dispute process and I did have several that went in my favor and payment was restored.

There are some incentives for getting calls right. You can get bonuses, my highest was 8.6 cents for a correctly marked call. There are also “Gems” you can earn. Gems can be used in the store to buy items, power ups, and new categories. Some of these these multiply how much you make per call.

Overall, Humanatic is fun. I enjoy listening to the calls and will likely do it from time to time just for that purpose. I won’t do it for the pay.

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