Motor Club of America Total Scam 2017

Motor Club of America (MCA) was founded back in 1926 by William W. Green, who was CEO of the company until 1986. Then sold a couple of times before the current parent company today, TVC Marketing took control.

The owner and founder of TVC in 1987 was Virgil Coffee. TVC stands for Truckers Voice in Court and as the name suggests TVC provided court representation for truckers involved in motor related incidents. TVC still sell these products for professional drivers alongside the MCA packages.

Mr. Coffee was an employee at Pre-Paid Legal Services where reportedly he introduced a multi-level marketing scheme that sold many plans and greatly increased the profitability of the company. He is continuing the same marketing policies with MCA.

What is Motor Club of America? ( Motor Club of America Review 2017 )

Have you ever been stuck on the roadside, your car broken down with no help, been locked out of your car or run out of petrol? It has happened to me and it’s very annoying. MCA provides roadside assistance packages to deal with these situations. To cover your costs of buying one of these packages and to even earn some money you can become an associate and sell theses packages to other people.

In this Motor Club of America review, I will determine if this is a genuine business opportunity or another scam.

Motor Club of America gives its members the benefits of a traditional motor club like the AAA. They have five plans for ordinary private drivers plus two plans for commercial drivers, the plans cover things like:

  • Roadside assistance – towing up to 100 miles, lockout service, fuel delivery, tire changes, battery charging and more
  • Travel assistance – up to $500 reimbursements for things like car hire, accommodation, meals, etc.
  • Arrest bonds – your MCA membership card can be used instead of a cash bail.
  • Bail bonds – keep out of jail grace of the funds available with your membership card up to $25,000
  • Attorney fees – different levels depending on the offense up to $2000
  • Credit card protection
  • Prescription, vision and dental discounts – savings of up to 65% on certain medical expenses
  • Emergency costs reimbursed
  • Hospital benefit – up to $150 per day
  • Accidental death benefit

These are the type of services provided by MCA, which are quite legitimate and can be useful.

Alongside this is their affiliate marketing program which resembles a multi-level marketing system. As there are quite a few people who claim to make a good living selling MCA plans and signing up new members. It’s this part of the company I will be looking at in this review.

Below is a video that explains everything MCA offers, don’t be fooled into believing this is a good affiliate program.

Who is this for?

This could be for someone who has already some internet marketing experience. If not you will need a team leader who has some marketing knowledge and is willing to help you. To achieve success with a scheme like this you must be willing to work long hours, persuading others to buy something is really difficult. Remember the vast majority (some reports say as much as 99%) of people who start with an MLM lose money or spend more than they receive, so be warned.

Not everyone is cut out to be successful with multi-level marketing. You must enjoy meeting people and then trying to sell them your product. You must be prepared to be rejected very often and if you try selling to friends or family, you risk irritating them at the very least.

Anyone who reads my posts regularly will know that I am not a fan of MLM’s, so I certainly wouldn’t recommend this, especially to newbies.

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